New combined cycle power station will be constructed in Uzbekistan.

The station will be constructed by Yildirim Enerji Holding A.Ş in Sukhandaryinskaya Region. It will be built under the agreement signed by Deputy Minister of Energy of Uzbekistan and director of the company. Investment project will be realized on the base of public-private collaboration. Total electric output of the station will be 900 MW. The station will be developed on the base of two 9F.05 gas turbine plants manufactured by GE Power. Natural gas will be the main fuel for the station. Uzbekenergo structure includes ten power stations with installed capacity of 12100 MW. Seven of them are thermal power stations, other three are combined cycle power stations. Investment program of Uzbekenergo includes 33 projects in the sphere of electric power generation.



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Thu, 09/05/2019
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