#5 (September - October) 2022

Turbines & Diesels #5-2022



  • INGС – efficient compressor and power equipment is manufactured in Perm.
  • Multi-fuel reverse-flow combustion chamber for gas turbine plants.
  • TAIF Rave turbine lubricating oils for foreign gas turbines: successful experience of import substitution.
  • Balancing of high-speed steam turbine rotors of Energotech JSC.
  • Perm gas turbine plants for technical re-equipment of the Lokosovsky gas processing plant.
  • Rosneft Energotec oil of Rosneft Lubricants ensures maximum efficiency of the equipment.

  • RUMO-702 power plant is a novelty of Russian production.
  • Modernization of Cummins QSV91/81 engines.
  • Energas– 15 years in the field of technological equipment for gas treatment.
  • Combination of EGR and fuel-water emulsions for simultaneous NOx and soot reduction in a medium speed diesel engine.
  • Ros-Gas-Expo-2022 exhibition.