#6 (November - December) 2022

Turbines & Diesels #6-2022



  • Service of gas engine and diesel power plants by the specialists of Intertechelectro company.

  • Selecting of ignition system for a gas engine.

  • UGPA-16 (25) Irtysh: the main technical solutions of INGK company.

  • Development of turbine and combustor for a semi-closed recuperated Brayton cycle of supercritical carbon dioxide.

  • NPK Elliron, CJSC – engineering and supply of the equipment for oil and gas industry and power generation.

  • Integrated automatic control system of gas pumping units based on domestic software and technical solutions.

  • Scientific and technical session on the problems of gas turbines.

  • The OLC regulator maintains the oil level in the crankcase.

  • Heat & Power 2022.

  • Machinery / Electro & Heat Generation ’2022 exhibition.