Turbines & Diesels #3-2015

№3 (May-June) 2015


  • Gas turbine power station on the site of Tuapsinsky oil refinery plant: reliability and effectiveness.
  • Power station on the site of Novoportovskoye oil & gas condensate field: reliable power supply of the commissioning station.
  • Smart cogeneration plants with high efficient gas engines.
  • Energas Ltd. in the projects of gas turbine plants’ testing rigs construction.
  • ORC plants: solutions for waste heat recovery.
  • AJAX 2800 Series gas compressors’ ignition system upgrade.
  • New FG Wilson F Series generating sets.
  • Variable high-speed hydraulic couplings of Transfluid SRL.
  • HOERBIGER Engine Solutions – maintenance, overhaul and upgrading of piston engines and compressors.
  • Castrol Perfecto – is the lubrication oil for affective gas turbines.
  • GrandMotors power plants are ready for operation in any conditions.
  • NATEC Group: innovations and effectiveness in full play.
  • The prospects of new power engineering development at Ural enterprises.
Turbines & Diesels #2-2015

№2 (March-April) 2015


  • REP Holding announced launching of a new T16 industrial gas turbine rated 16 MW to be used in Oil & Gas industries and at the power-generating sites.
  • The choice of the equipment for the distributed power generation stations.
  • MKS Group of Companies – 150 MW of self-contained power supply.
  • Eurovent standard: on the question of its use for the choice of filtration systems for gas turbine plants.
  • Gas turbine power plant on the site of the enterprise in the Netherlands: upgrading during three weeks.
  • Specification of priority model range of industrial gas turbine plants for power stations: alternative methodology.
  • Inmesol Ltd. expands model range – generating sets on the base of new engines.
  • Power from residual heat through an advanced Organic Rankine Cycle.
  • Power-Gen Russia ‘2015.
  • Business-platform Onsite power generation for enterprises.
Turbines & Diesels #1-2015

№1 (January-February) 2015


  • Siemens production in Russia: gas turbines manufacturing plant.
  • Gas engine power station operating of coal-bed methane was commissioned in Vorkuta.
  • GTA-16 gas turbine power unit – new product of UEC-Gas Turbines JSC.
  • Implementation of high-efficient inlet air filter unit for F-class gas turbine in Russia.
  • Modern approach to the creation of waste-heat recovery systems.
  • Siemens EconoFlexTM SGT-800.
  • Guascor Company: development of technologies of engine creation and maintenance.
  • Booster compressor stations for the treatment of gases of various types.
  • Complex solution for gas turbine compressors cleaning: Turbo-K cleaner and AF10 antifreeze.
  • Specification of priority model range of industrial gas turbine plants for power stations: alternative methodology.
  • Boiler-house in Uglich – energy independence and reliability.
  • Discom CO2 fertilization systems and heatexchanging units for green house complexes.
  • V Yaroslavl energy forum.
  • Your own power station is the long-term way to reduce power costs.
Turbines & Diesels #6-2014

№6 (November-December) 2014


  • Combined cycle power station on the site of Vologodskaya TETs is additional impact for the city development.
  • New generation self-contained power station for Maysky green-house complex.
  • Siemens SGT-400 gas turbine: continual product development according to market demands.
  • CHP-plant was commissioned in Semiluki (Voronezhskaya Region).
  • CityEnergo Ltd. commissioned gas turbine power station on the site of Kalamkas oil & gas field.
  • Private power station was synchronized with the main power grid in the Urals.
  • Siemens Long-Term Service Programs – is the key factor for customer costs optimization.
  • Import substitution in power engineering: Russian manufacturers import outlook.
  • Test rig of United Engine Corporation–Gas Turbines: full-scale testing of power plants and gas pumping units.
  • Inmesol Ltd. increases the production of container power plants.
  • 75th anniversary of Aviadvigatel JSC: Moscow-Perm video conference.
  • Distributed power generation – great achievements: national award was bestowed.
Turbines & Diesels #5-2014

№5 (September-October) 2014


  • Preparing the utilities for the uncertainties in the electricity markets.
  • Upgrading of power station automated control system on the site of Verkh-Tarskoye oil field.
  • Energas Ltd.: seven years of high quality and reliability.
  • Electric output of Yaraktinskaya gas turbine power station was increased.
  • TPR axial turbochargers: new ABB development for locomotive engines.
  • Motor Sich gas turbine equipment for aviation and industrial application.
  • NG-Energo: testing as completion phase of production.
  • Sealed compressors of MAN Diesel & Turbo for underground gas storages.
  • Annual technical seminar of Inmesol Ltd.
  • EGTES Korvet-1.7K – development of gas turbines power plants model series manufactured by Energotekhnika MPP.
  • Mantrac Vostok Ltd. ensured energy independence of Ariant enterprise.
  • Scientific and technical session of Russian Academy of Sciences devoted to gas turbines and combined cycle power stations.
  • The results of XVI International scientific and technical conference for compressor industry are reviewed.
  • RosGazExpo ‘2014: largest gas industry events in the city on Neva.
Turbines & Diesels #4-2014

№4 (July-August) 2014


  • Gama Power Systems constructed new power station on the site of Riga TEC-2.
  • Preparing the utilities for the uncertainties in the electricity markets.
  • AeroShell turbine oil for aeroderivative gas turbines.
  • PGU-18.5 combined cycle power station was commissioned on the site of Mogilevskaya TETs-3.
  • MOTORTECH equipment is brain and nerves of your engine.
  • Power stations of industrial enterprises on the base of modern gas turbine plants.
  • TOTAL PRESLIA 46 turbine oil for Boguchanskaya hydro power station.
  • New OPRA OP16-3C gas turbine for low caloric fuel operation.
  • Up-to-date designs of inlet air filter units.
  • 20 years in gas turbine power industry: history, reality and prospects.
  • Distributed power generation in Russia.
  • Autonomous power station of Krymsky alkali-works.
  • Marine engines residual operation time evaluation.
  • I Exhibition and Forum in the South of Russia «Onsite power generation for enterprises».