Turbines & Diesels #4-2014

№4 (July-August) 2014


  • Gama Power Systems constructed new power station on the site of Riga TEC-2.
  • Preparing the utilities for the uncertainties in the electricity markets.
  • AeroShell turbine oil for aeroderivative gas turbines.
  • PGU-18.5 combined cycle power station was commissioned on the site of Mogilevskaya TETs-3.
  • MOTORTECH equipment is brain and nerves of your engine.
  • Power stations of industrial enterprises on the base of modern gas turbine plants.
  • TOTAL PRESLIA 46 turbine oil for Boguchanskaya hydro power station.
  • New OPRA OP16-3C gas turbine for low caloric fuel operation.
  • Up-to-date designs of inlet air filter units.
  • 20 years in gas turbine power industry: history, reality and prospects.
  • Distributed power generation in Russia.
  • Autonomous power station of Krymsky alkali-works.
  • Marine engines residual operation time evaluation.
  • I Exhibition and Forum in the South of Russia «Onsite power generation for enterprises».
Turbines & Diesels #3-2014

№3 (May-June) 2014


  • Siemens heavy gas turbines in Russia: commissioned projects and development.
  • Sumy MNPO named after Frunze: development and production of gearboxes for various power equipment.
  • Technical support of Mecc Alte generators gets to the new level.
  • Autonomous power supply of Polisan pharmaceutical company.
  • Ansaldo Energia AE64.3A gas turbine evolution pathway.
  • Power from Residual Heat Through an Advanced Organic Rankine Cycle.
  • Online CHP plant maintenance with VPN router.
  • Power-Gen Europe’ 2014.
Turbines & Diesels #2-2014

№2 (March-April) 2014


  • Kurgan CHP-2 operates at full power.
  • ABB Turbocharging: service for growing Russian market.
  • YuGK JSC power station is the breakthrough in power industry of the Southern Urals.
  • Fuel gas conditioning is necessary requirement for gas turbine plants effectiveness.
  • District heating with the flexibility of the KA26 combined cycle power plant.
  • Automated control system of electromagnetic bearings of gas pumping units centrifugal compressors.
  • Maysky energy park operates in parallel with main power grid.
  • OP16-3A gas turbine operation on the gas with high content of hydrogen sulfide.
  • Diesel rotary UPS for government building in Astana.
  • Successful operation of Guascor HGM power plants.
  • Transmitter-receiver units developed on the base of solid-state relays – innovation of Zvezda-Energetika JSC.
  • Radial gas and steam turbines.
  • Impact of air intake systems on operational parameters of gas turbines power plants.
  • GenSets MAN 18V28/32 for Severalmaz Power Plant.
  • New Shell lubrication oil: reliable protection for biogas engines.
  • Olympic victories of Inmesol Ltd.
  • Russia Power’2014: large and small-scale power engineering.
  • Onsite power generation for enterprises exhibition and forum.
Turbines & Diesels #1-2014

№1 (January-February) 2014


  • Gas turbine power station on the site of Dvurechenskoye oil field: electric power from associated petroleum gas.
  • Cold production in trigeneration systems.
  • RIM mini-CHP developed on the base of MTU gas engines.
  • Zauralskaya TETs: reviewing interim results.
  • TURBO-K® water-based Gas Turbine Compressor cleaner.
  • Impact of air intake systems on operational parameters of gas turbines power plants.
  • Mobile power generation units insure reliability of energy supply in Sochi during sport competition.
  • Wolf GmbH modular and container gas engine power plants.
  • District heating with the flexibility of the KA26 combined cycle power plant.
Turbines & Diesels #6-2013

№6 (November-December) 2013


  • Siemens SGT-750 gas turbine power plant for Nord Stream natural gas pipeline.
  • The largest power plant based on reciprocation engines in Russia.
  • Guascor biogas power plants: application experience.
  • Energy efficiency with using of Swiss technologies.
  • Gas turbine plant efficiency increasing under high temperatures of ambient air conditions.
  • Loganova CHP form Bosch Thermotechnik GmbH.
  • Operational experience with latest GT26 upgrade.
  • Numerical investigation of aeroelasticity influence upon strength characteristics of an axial compressor rotor blade.
  • East wind and north sun provide electric power.
  • GE advanced solutions in the sphere of electric and thermal power generation.
  • Second International Forum on Energy Efficiency and Energy Conservation ENES 2013.
  • Dependance of discharge characteristics of exhaust processes in internal combustion engines from channel cross-profile configuration.
  • Power-Gen Europe’ 2013 – XXI International conference and exhibition.
Turbines & Diesels #5-2013

№5 (September-October) 2013


  • Trigeneration power station on the base of Siemens power plants secures power supply for the needs of Pulkovo airport.
  • Energas Company: production program is being realized.
  • Heat exchange augmentation in tube side of shipboard heat exchangers.
  • Cogeneration power stations: one solution for many problems.
  • OPRA gas turbine power plants using crude oil as the main fuel.
  • Development and commercial operation review of highly efficient L30A gas turbine.
  • Inmesol technical seminar is the excellent opportunity for specialists' interaction.
  • VI Interregion Cooperative forum 2013.
  • LX scientific and technical session of Russian Academy of Sciences devoted to gas turbines and combined cycle power stations.
  • VI Yaroslavl energy forum: Modern innovative power infrastructure to advanced economy.