Turbines & Diesels #4-2013

№4 (July-August) 2013


  • Features and particularities of Ufimskaya TETs-2 PGU-1 combined cycle power plant starting characteristics.
  • Rental power plants: advantages of application.
  • Gama Power Systems: advanced power projects.
  • A cheapskate pays twice.
  • Teplostroyprojekt-S Ltd.: construction of power
  • MWM cogeneration power plants for green-houses.
  • High efficiency HEPA technologies for heavy and medium duty gas turbine plants filtration systems.
  • OPRA dual-fuel gas turbine power plants – guaranty of power station uninterrupted operation.
  • Machine-building is very perspective.
  • Development of highly efficient H-80 gas turbine.
  • Up-to-date solutions for automation of diesel and gas engine power plants.
  • Dependance of discharge characteristics of exhaust processes in internal combustion engines from channel cross-profile configuration.
  • Power-Gen Europe’ 2013 – XXI International conference and exhibition.
Turbines & Diesels #3-2013

 №3 (May-June) 2013


  • Aviadvigatel JSC offers to tread out the flares on oil & gas fields.
  • Prepared for all emergencies.
  • ComAp control systems: providing of parallel operation of power plants equipped with dual-fuel systems.
  • Energas Ltd. – stages of development.
  • Taurus Energy Ltd.: innovations for power engineering.
  • Diesel engine drive for DPN 10 oil pump developed by Mamins Volga Diesel Plant.
  • TEXACO® motor oil for gas engines.
  • Siemens gas turbines for Caspian Pipeline Consortium (CPC): new units and original service.
  • New Technologies, Ltd. – 5 years of power management.
  • Motors & Transmission Ltd. – original service of cogeneration gas engine plants and technical support of the customers.
  • Gas turbines operation: economic aspect.
  • Dual-fuel power plants: electric power from casing-head gas.
  • GTES-12 - 10 years of successful operation.
  • Power station for Escon factory in Yuzhnouralsk.
  • TurboEnergy & Service Ltd.: achievements and prospects.
  • Inmesol diesel generating sets – effective operation within multi-units stations.
  • Rotec JSC is the leader on gas turbine maintenance market.
  • New MAN Diesel & Turbo 51/60G gas engines.
  • Gas turbine plant inlet air filter unit: performance and quality of production requirements.
  • RosGazExpo’ 2013.
Turbines & Diesels #2-2013

№2 (March-April) 2013


  • Upgraded version of SGT-800 gas turbine: output of 50 MW.
  • Mitsubishi MACH II-SI power plant with the electrical efficiency of 66%.
  • Gases interchange peculiarities of internal combustion reciprocating engines.
  • Noise-free Sokratherm gas engine power plants of full operational compatibility.
  • Energy park for agroindustrial complex: generation of electric and thermal power for own needs.
  • Alternative fuels for small gas turbines.
  • Efficient and flexible AHAT gas turbine system.
  • The XI Russia Power exhibition and conference was held in Moscow.
Turbines & Diesels #1-2013

№1 (January-February) 2013


  • Smart power generation with flexible gas engine concepts.
  • Realization of gas turbine power stations projects: development and engineering reserves.
  • Gas engine power station rated at 8 MW for Vyngapurovsky gas processing plant.
  • Energaz, Ltd.: fuel gas treatment systems for gas turbine power plants.
  • Turbomach SA is the leader of European power market.
  • Corporate maintenance of Aviadvigatel gas turbine power plants.
  • FosAgro-Cherepovetz, Ltd.: new production technologies.
  • Siemens gas turbine power plants were delivered to the site of Serovskaya GRES.
  • Zvezda-Energetika JSC power stations operating on crude oil.
  • Advantages of small radial gas turbines.
  • Magnetic control of ferroimpurities occurrence in diesel fuel.
Turbines & Diesels #6-2012

№6 (November-December) 2012


  • Power for a changing world.
  • Remote Monitoring System with immediate reaction elements.
  • The autonomous auxiliary power sources for gas distribution stations on the basis of micro-turbo-expander generators.
  • Gas turbine power plants manufactured by Zvezda-Energetika JSC.
  • Russia power stations modernization on the base of Siemens gas turbine plants.
  • ComAp control systems: diesel power plant dispatching system on the base of InteliVision 17 Touch sensor control panel.
  • Power station for green-house complex in Saransk (Mordovskaya Republic).
  • Gas-generating plant for coal gasification.
  • Yaroslavl energy forum ‘2012.

№5 (September-October) 2012


  • The conception of PGU-165 combined cycle single-shaft power unit development on the base of GTD-110 gas turbine engine.
  • Gas engine operating costs reduction by using of motor oil.
  • Power plants on the base of new MAN Diesel & Turbo SE 20V35/44G gas engine.
  • Motor Sich industrial gas turbine plants for land-base application.
  • Utilization power station on the site of Novolipetsky metallurgical complex.
  • Zvezda-Energetika, JSC commissioned power plants with total output of 1000 MW.
  • Inmesol Ltd. created uninterruptible power supply system for data center in Sochi (Krasnodar Area).
  • Siemens steam turbine plants and gas expansion turbines.
  • Turbomach SA is the leader of European power market.
  • Reactive power compensation plants for the grids with autonomous power plants.
  • LIX scientific and technical session of Russian Academy of Sciences devoted to gas turbines and combined cycle power station.