Turbines & Diesels #4-2018


#4 (July-August) 2018


  • Optimization of a gas power plant in an isolated grid.
  • Gas conditioning system for Kazanskaya TETs-1 – high-tech product of Globaltechexport Ltd.
  • Liebherr gas engines for Russian power plants.
  • Integrally geared compressor system for Omsk Refinery developed by HMS Group.
  • Low-emission annular combustion chamber for gas microturbines with increased efficiency.
  • Energas Group of companies: future starts nowadays.
  • Total high-quality lubrication oils for gas engine power plants.
  • Power plants on the base of MAN gas engines are optimal solution for on-site power generation.
  • New Heinzmann high performance actuator family for diesel and gas engines.
  • Electrify Europe’ 2018
  • 15th International exhibition Oil and Gas / MIOGE 2018.
Turbines & Diesels #3-2017


#3 (May-June) 2018


  • New Siemens E-series gas engine.

  • The new concept of control system development on the base of interactive network.

  • MWM biogas power station on the site of agricultural enterprise in Loeberitz.

  • Russian world-class gas turbine units.

  • Wаrtsilа 31SG – the world's most efficient 4-stroke engine.

  • Siemens is localizing the production of 118 MW gas turbine in Russia.

  • New generation power station for green-house complex in Sverdlovskaya Region.

  • Energas fuel gas treatment equipment for power stations on the sites of gas fields.

  • HHM 12MV390 – heading the new Hudongmedium speed engine family.

  • Liquid-phase treatment of associated petroleum gas on the base of GazEcos technology.




Turbines & Diesels #2-2017


#2 (March-April) 2018


  • Reliable power supply of Legends’ Park in Moscow.
  • 25 years in Russian power engineering industry.

  • Implementation of control system hardware and software package at Kurganskaya TETs power station.

  • Energas: integrated fuel gas conditioning for autonomous power plants.

  • Total lubricating oils for gas engines.

  • 15 MW diesel power station for backup power supply of mining and smelting enterprise in Uzbekistan.

  • The new modular MAN Common-Rail system for future HFO-applications.
Turbines & Diesels #1-2018


#1 (January-February) 2018


  • Siemens introduces the SGT-A45 TR mobile gas turbine to the market.
  • New G9620 gas engine developed by Liebherr.

  • Kawasaki gas turbine plants operation on Russky island.

  • Defining true flexibility –a comparison of gas-fired generating technologies.

  • Mobil lubricating oil: application at Mezhdunarodnaya TES power station.

  • Fuel cells for decentralized power generation.

Turbines & Diesels #6-2017


#6 (November-December) 2017


  • Advanced Siemens SGT-800 gas turbine plants on the site of Central TETs in Saint-Petersburg.
  • International conference in Tyumen: «Distributed power generation in Oil & Gas industry».
  • Lean burn engines – The optimal power source for energy solutions.
  • Rebranding of Rosneft lubricating oils for gas engine power plants.
  • New KOHLER engines in KD Series model range of SDMO Industries.
  • Gastechnika power plants are in operation in Nepal.
  • New 25 MW power station for Green Line green-house complex.
  • Ural Distributed Power Generation Association: alliance of top rank companies.
  • Heat & Power’ 2017 exhibition.
  • International scientific-technical conference Gas transportation systems (GTS’ 2017) in Gazprom VNIIGAZ LLC.
Turbines & Diesels #5-2017


#5 (September-October) 2017


  • Gas engine power station in Tazovsky settlement on Yamal peninsula.
  • Decrease of load technological minimum of CCPP equipped with three-level pressure HRSGs.
  • MAN Diesel & Turbo SE’s Medium Speed Gas Engine Portfolio – a Modular Matrix Design.
  • Energas: compressors are ready for full-scale operation.
  • The heat treatment effect on structure and properties of VIN5 intermetallic nickel alloy.
  • ANAC – the program for lubricating oil monitoring.
  • Online CHP plant maintenance with VPN router.
  • CHP plants for woodworking enterprises on the base of biomass: advantages and operation experience.
  • Lukoil Efforce 4004 oil for gas engines: effectiveness confirmed by tests.
  • Scientific and technical session devoted to gas turbines.
  • XXI international specialized exhibition RosGazExpo ‘2017.