Forth unit of Ali Abad power plant which is located in north of Iran, was manufactured. TUGA is supposed to supply 6 Gas turbine V94.2 with power output 162 MW (ISO Condition) for each unit and total capacity 970 MW of whole plant. Ali abad power plant located in North of Iran.


The development of Illichivsk fat-and-oil works was impossible without additional power supply under the conditions when local power company runs a shortfall. As a result the owner of the enterprise commissioned autonomous CHP plant designed on the base of four JMS 420 GS power units equipped with J 420 GS engines and Cummins PI 734 F generators. Power unit capacity is 1416 kW of electric and 1505 kW of thermal power.




The power plant with the capacity of 44 MW will be built by Iskra-Energetika JSC in Znamensk, Astrakhan Region. The project will be realized under the turnkey contract. The power plant will be designed on the base of two GTE-16PA2 power units. Heat-recovery steam generators will be manufactured by Belenergomash boiler plant, steam turbine - by Kaluga turbine works.
The customer and investor for the project is Eurasia-Energo Company, the general designer is Giprokislorod JSC. The commissioning is scheduled for 2010.



The project is realized under Moscow energy program. The power unit is based on two Siemens SGT-800 gas turbine units rated at 45 MW each, P-108 heat recovery steam generators manufactured by ZiO-Podolsk and Siemens SST-400 steam turbine rated at 40.5 MW. At the beginning of April the power unit passed successful 72-hour testing at nominal load.
Under the reconstruction of Strogino power plant they plan to install a new power block with the capacity of 261.4 MW consisting of two units. The commissioning of the second unit is scheduled for the current year. The power block will operate on base load with the efficiency 52.6%.
The new power plant will provide electric power for Krasnaya Presnya main road, adjacent house-building areas and enterprises in Moscow northwest district.

Auxiliary power source will improve electric and thermal power supply of Strogino district. The application of up-to-date gas turbine power units will minimize harmful exhaust in the atmosphere.

The general designer for the project is TEPengineering company, the power equipment supplier is Electrozavod JSC. Installation and commissioning of the power unit was carried out by Karat RSK.


Acceptance testing and presentation of a new multifunctional power complex on the base of AVE-250S wind power unit rated at 250 kW were carried out at Zapolyarnaya wind farm in Vorkuta.
The power complex consists of separate modules. Multifunctionality is provided by the possibility to produce from local resources engine fuels or producer gas for electric and thermal power generation. The problem of electromagnetic compatibility of wind generating sets with local network systems and diesel generators was also solved. The prototypes of such power complexes on the base of wind and diesel power plants are planned to be built in Tiksi town of Yakutia and Baranchinsky settlement in Sverdlovsk Region.



Siemens Energy has been awarded a contract to supply four simple cycle gas turbine packages for the Cleveland County generating plant near Grover in North Carolina. The purchaser of the equipment is Birmingham-based Southern Power, a subsidiary of Southern Company, which provides power to the Southeast. The plant will be able to generate approximately 720 megawatts at the summer peak and is scheduled to come on line in early 2012.
The Siemens scope of supply for the Cleveland County Plant encompasses four SGT6-PAC-5000F gas turbine packages, including service contracts. Each package consists of a SGT6-5000F gas turbine, air-cooled generator, auxiliaries, the innovative SPPA-T3000 control system and an option for the exhaust stack. The fast-start capability of the SGT6-5000F gas turbine will allow Southern Power to deliver power to the grid quickly, while also helping to keep per start emissions low.


It’s one of the greatest power projects realized on the territory of Belorussia. At 420 MW power plant the first stage of 100 MW was replaced by 230 MW combined cycle power unit. As a result total electric output of the power plant was increased up to 550 MW.
The customer for the project is RUP Minskenergo, the general contractor is Belenergostroy JSC. The reconstruction project was developed by RUP Belnipienergoprom.
The power unit was designed on the base of Alstom Power Systems GT13E2 gas turbine with the capacity of 170 MW. It also includes double-pressure steam boiler by SES Energ Ya.s. and T-53/67-8,0 cogeneration steam turbine by Ural Turbine Works. The power unit operates in parallel to the power grid.