Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. (MHI) has completed development of the "J-series" gas turbine, featuring the world's largest power generation capacity and highest thermal efficiency. The unit is designed to operate at a very high temperature near 1,600 degrees Celsius (°C) at the turbine inlet. The company has also launched activities towards the turbine's commercial production.
The 60 hertz J-series gas turbine achieves a rated power output of about 320 megawatts (MW) (ISO basis) and 460 MW combined-cycle power generation – also the world's largest. In gas turbine combined-cycle (GTCC) applications, high-temperature exhaust gas from the gas turbine is used to generate power by a steam turbine. The company is aiming to achieve over 60% thermal efficiency in GTCC applications, the world's highest level. The company will soon begin marketing, with delivery to commence in 2011.
J-series GTCC power generation will achieve CO2 emissions approximately 50% lower than with conventional coal-fired power generation (comparison with MHI's power plants). In this way, the newly developed turbine is expected to contribute significantly to worldwide efforts to reduce global warming.


Varandey oil terminal provides whole-year oil delivery from Timano-Pechorskoye oil fields. The power plant consists of four Wartsila 32 generating units on the base of 18V32 diesel engines rated at 8032 kW. The fuel is refined oil. The customer for the project is Naryan-Marneftegas Ltd. (Lukoil JSC and ConocoPhilips joint enterprise). The general contractor is Globalstroy-Engineering.
The power centre includes modular-type boiler-house based on 5 liquid-fuel boilers rated at 15 MW each. As primary fuel crude oil can be also used. It's the most high-powered diesel power plant delivered by Wartsila on the territory of Russia.


The power plant will provide electricity and heat for administrative-commercial complex of the insurance company in Moscow. The station consists of three Caterpillar gas engine power units – two G3512 rated at 770 kW each and one G3508 power unit with the capacity 510 kW. The supplier of the power equipment is Zeppelin Russland Ltd. The project is realized under the turnkey by Ecogas Ltd.
For stable heat supply in cold weather two Logano SK725 hot-water boilers with the capacity 1600 and 1320 kW by Buderus were installed. Two gas control units are used to decrease and regulate gas pressure in the power unit. The commissioning is planned for the end of the year.



The power plant by Filter JSC is designed on the base of two cogeneration JMS 616 GS-N.LC power units by GE Energy's Jenbacher gas engines rated at 2430 kW of electric and 2342 kW of thermal power. Electrical efficiency of the power units is 43.3 %. Waste-heat recovery system includes Vapor PPKS steam boiler with steam generating capacity of 17 t/h, steam pressure is 1.3 MPa. Generated electric power and steam are used for technological processes, hot water – for heating system. The power plant operates on base load in parallel with power grid. The fuel is natural gas.


The power plant operates at municipal utility enterprise Ivano-Frankovskteplokommunenergo GKP. It is based on two DvGA-500 gas engine generating sets with unit capacity of 1 MW of electric and 1.5 MW (1.3 Gcal/h) of thermal power. The power units were manufactured and supplied by Pervomaiskdieselmash JSC, Ukraine. The power plant is designed on the base of 6GChN25/34 gas engines, heat-recovery units and auxiliary equipment. SGS2-630F-10H1 generators were manufactured by Gross electrical machines works (Novaya Kakhovka, Ukraine). The station operates on the territory of boiler-house generating electricity for the enterprise and providing heat and hot water for near-by residential area.


Three diesel power units rated at 1 MW each designed on the base of MTU Onsite Energy 12V4000G21 diesel engines and Bokuk 10.5 kV BK5-1500H generators were delivered by Mamins Volga Diesel Plant JSC (VDM).
The delivery also included automatic control system manufactured by VDM. The power units will operate in parallel on base load as part of the local power grid.
The power plant is located at Priluki terminal of Vankorskoye field. The project features container-type power units installed on the platform. Two containers are provided for high-voltage distribution plant, one for low-voltage distribution plant, and three for transformer substation.
The commissioning of diesel power plant is scheduled for September 2009. The project is realized under the turnkey.


OBIS Energomontazh was the general contractor for the project. It also fulfilled design and construction works of the power plant. Sigma Technologies Ltd. took active part in the commissioning and start-up of the plant. Container-type power plant generates electric power for float glass works in Ramensky district, Moscow region. Power plant is designed on the base of four JMC 620 GS-N.LC power units manufactured by GE Energy's Jenbacher gas engines. The capacity of the power plant is 3.04 MW, voltage – 10 kV.
Transformer substation with voltage 10/0.4 kV, RU-10.5 kV electricity distribution plant, compressor station, high and medium voltage gas lines and gas-distributing station were also installed at the site during the construction period. The power plant successfully passed testing and features stable operation.