The customer of the project is Technology of metals Group of Companies. Power station was constructed by Autonomous energoservice under turn-key contract. Electric output of the station is 1 MW, thermal output is 1.14 MW. The station was developed on the base of SFGM 560 gas engine plant manufactured by Guascor Power (Siemens Gas Engines). The plant is installed in separate building. Main power equipment was supplied by Autonomous energoservice JSC. Waste-heat recovery system includes main circuit heat-exchangers and waste-heat boiler.


UEC-Aviadvigatel JSC signed the contract for the delivery of two Ural-6000 gas turbine power plants each rated at 6 MW to the site of Pyakyakhinskoye oil and gas condensate field. The customer of the equipment is Lukoil-Western Siberia company (TPP Yamalneftegas). At present power station consists of six EGES Ural-6000 modular gas turbine power plants. They were developed on the base of GTU-6P gas turbine plants. For the moment their total operating time is 150 000 hours.


The station consists of two 6GTs2–260/2–38GTU turbocompressor plants developed on the base of GTD-6.3RM gas turbine drives, intermediate and end gas air cooler units, intermediate and end separators, fuel gas treatment units on the base of ТАКАТ14,5-27 compressor plants, air and nitrogen receivers, fire-fighting system, two-level automatic control system. Compressor plants and fuel gas treatment units were developed by NIIturbocompressor named after V.B. Shnepp.


MGTU-100 gas turbine plant operated at associated petroleum gas will generate electric power for one of the oil companies in Tatarstan. The plant has low noise level and can operate in wide temperature range. The plants can be used as a part of multi-unit cogeneration power station.


Diesel generating sets each rated at 400 kW were produced in Yaroslavl on the base of Doosan DP158LD engines. One generating set operates independently, other three plants in parallel to each other. The station can take the load of 1200 kW depending on operation conditions.


ТММ-ТМ.1150 waste-heat recovery unit was manufactured by TM-Mash (Saint-Petersburg). The customer of the equipment is Trevozhnoye Zarevo JSC (Elisovo, Kamchatsky Area). It will be used for MTU 12V 4000 G23RIF diesel power plant manufactured and delivered by PSM Ltd. (Yaroslavl). Electric output of diesel power plant is 1120 kW. The station generates electric and thermal power for the needs of gold ore field infrastructure.


The power station has total electric output of 440 kW, thermal power output of 290 Gcal/h. The station was developed on the base of two GTE-160 gas turbine power units manufactured by Power Machines T60/73 steam turbine plants supplied by Kaluzhsky turbine plant and heat recovery steam generators produced by EMAlliance. The main fuel for the station is natural gas. The customer of the project is Bashkirskaya generating company. Soyuz ESK carried out all engineering, civil and commissioning works.