The gas engine power station was developed on the basis of the TCG 2020 V20 plants with an electric capacity of 2000 kW and provides energy to the ice cream factory of the Iceberry trading house. The heat produced is fed into the common collector of the boiler house and sold to end consumers. Commissioning works were carried out at the CHP plant at full load.  The plant will operate in parallel with the grid.


ETRO containerized power plants of the third degree of automation with a capacity of 400 kW will supplement the reserve energy sources at the field. For the Amur Minerals company two AD400-T400-3RBC diesel generators based on Cummins QSZ13G3 engines were manufactured at the site of the Novosibirsk Electroaggregate enterprise. The diesel power plants are mounted in North insulated containers. The all-metal containers of Arctic design are mounted on skids.


The Leningradsky Metallichasky Plant (Power Machines JSC) has tested modernized low-pressure rotor for the second turbine of the Kirishskaya GRES. The modernization of the rotor was carried out as part of the upgrade of the turbine equipment of the station.


Complex operational tests of a gas pumping unit with an upgraded AL-31ST engine manufactured by PJSC UEC-UMPO have been started at the Polyana compressor station in the Blagoveshchensk district of Bashkortostan. The result of the AL-31ST reliability improvement program was the increased resource parameters.


Gas engine power plant with an installed capacity of 183 MW is being built in the Yangiaryk district of the Khorezm region. The Turkish company Odash Enerji is implementing an investment project based on an agreement with the Ministry of Energy of the republic in the format of a public-private partnership – it will build a power plant and operate it for 25 years. The Uzbek side has assumed guarantees for the provision of the station with natural gas and the purchase of electricity produced. The station consists of 10 18V50SG power units manufactured by Wärtsilä. Currently, two power units with a total capacity of 36.6 MW have been commissioned, two more units will be commissioned in this year.



The generating company has signed a contract with the Rusatom Service consortium and the Teploenergoservice for the supply of basic equipment for the Nizhnekamsk TPP-1 steam turbine unit.



CHP power station with electric capacity of 26 MW and thermal output of 66 MW will be put into operation this year and will become the main source of heat and electricity after the closure of the Bilibino nuclear power station. The new power station will be equipped with ten mtu 20V4000 DS3300 DCU diesel power plants.