New power station (OGK-2) is under construction on the site of former Groznenskaya TETs-3 thermal power station. It will consist of two Siemens SGT5-2000E gas turbine plants each rated at 180 MW. They were manufactured and delivered to the site by Siemens Gas Turbine Technologies Ltd. The main and back up fuel for the station is natural gas. Designed electric output of the station is 360 MW. The project is realized by Gasprom energoholding Group of Companies. Fuel gas supply will be provided by booster compressor station. It was developed on the base of three Enerproject modular compressor plants. All generated electric power will be delivered to the national power grid of Chechenskaya Republic.


Under the contract with VPK-Oil company Electroagregate Trade house supplied АD1500-Т10500-3RBК diesel power plant. It was developed on the base of QSK 60-G3 (Cummins) diesel engine and Marathon synchronous brushless electric generator. Electric output of the plant is 1500 kW, nominal voltage 10.5 kV.


REP Holding supplied equipment for assembling of GPA-32 Ladoga gas pumping units under the project of construction of the complex facility for production, starage and delivery of LNG situated near Portovaya compressor station in Vyborgsky District, Leningradskaya Region. The project is realized under the program of Gazprom PJSC. General contractor for the construction of LPG production complex is NIPI NG Peton. Gas turbine plants and all necessary auxiliary equipment were manufactured at production facilities of REP Holding.


Safonovsky electromachine-building plant which is a part of Ruselprom elctrotechnical concern manufactured and supplied STD-3150-23UKhL4 heavy non-standard turboengine rated at 3150 kW, voltage is 10 kV, speed is 3000 rpm. Electric engine was developed under special order of Aluminium of Kazakhstan JSC. It will be used as the drive for К-500-61-1 turbocompressor and will replace the obsolete SТМ-6000 engine which is in operation since 1960-s.


Five diesel power plants were manufactured for Urayskaya expedition of SGK-Burenie Ltd. (Ubinka rotational camp). Power plants have third level of automation. Control panel is developed on the base of ComAp AMF 20 controllers. Power plants are designed around Doosan DP158LD (South Korea). Nominal electric output of each plant is 400 kW, voltage is 0.4 kV.





Diesel Company Ltd. under the contract with Almazy Anabara JSC delivered three АD-440 diesel power plants developed on the base of DC16 49A (Scania) engines and LSA 47.2 M8 (Leroy-Somer) electric generators each rated at 440 kW and three AD-250-T400 diesel power plants developed on the base of DC09 072A (Scania) engines and LSA 46.2 VL12 (Leroy-Somer) electric generators each rated at 250 kW. ComAp control panel ensures the opportunity to operate in parallel with other diesel power plants.


Three GPA-16 Volga completed gas pumping units developed on the base of NK-16-18ST gas turbines are in operation on the site of booster compressor station situated at the territory of the station of complex gas treatment plant of the field in Ustyurtsky District. The units are equipped of two-pressure compressors KVD 203GTs2-175/25—78М12345 in the period of 2016-2023; KND 203GTs-73/29-78М123456 and 203GTs2-210/10-30М12345 in the period from 2023.

The project of booster compressor station construction was realized at the expense of Uzbekneftegas, Fund of reconstruction and development of Uzbekistan and other Uzbek banks. The field will be up and running at full capacity till 2021.