World’s first drilling rig to operate a low-emission hybrid power plant using Siemens’ lithium-ion energy storage solution. Integration of BlueVault will reduce fuel consumption by 12 percent and CO2 emissions by 15 percent BlueVault.

Siemens advanced lithium-ion battery-based solution, will be installed on Northern Drilling Ltd.’s West Mira offshore drilling rig that will operate in the North Sea’s Nova Field, approximately 120 km northwest of Bergen. West Mira is a sixth-generation, ultra-deepwater semi-submersible designed by Moss Maritime and will be the world’s first modern drilling rig to operate a low-emission hybrid (diesel-electric) power plant using lithium-ion energy storage.


The works were carried out by the specialists of Gaspromneft. The plant is used for associated petroleum gas treatment and injection it into formation. At full load the plant utilizes 95 % of associated petroleum gas from the field. Complex gas treatment plant consists of four GPA-32 Ladoga gas pumping units each rated at 32 MW manufactured by REP Holding JSC. In total 8 similar gas pumping units were supplied to the field.


The project of combined cycle power station construction was realized by Calik Enerji. The station was constructed on the site of Maryjskaya GRES. Power station was developed on the base of four GE 9 FA gas turbine plants each rated at 263 MW, two heat-recovery steam generators with thermal output of 360 tons per hour and two steam turbine plants each rated at 260 MW. All generated electric power will be delivered to national power grid. The project is realized under the program of power engineering development for the period of 2013-2020.


Multi-units gas engine power station is used for temporary power supply of drilling equipment and other oil extraction objects on the site of Kuyumbinskoye field (Slavneft-Krasnoyarskneftegas Ltd.). The station will operate till the commissioning of stationary gas turbine power station on the site. Its construction will start in the nearest future. The development of the project, delivery, installation and commissioning of the main power equipment were carried out by EnergoTechService Ltd. The first stage of the station consists of five power plants on the base of Cummins engines each rated at 1540 kW. The second stage on the base four similar power plants will be put into operation till the end of 2019.


Two hangar type gas pumping units were manufactured by Iskra NPO for the operation as a part of booster compressor station on the site of Myljinskoye gas condensate field. The units were developed on the base of GTU-6PG gas turbine plants each rated at 6 MW. At present six gas pumping units in operation on the site of Myljinskoye gas condensate field.


The specialists of Siemens Gas Turbine Technologies finished upgrading of SGT5-4000F gas turbine on the site of unite № 9 of Serovskaya GRES power station (OGC-2). In result installed power capacity of combined cycle power plant is 450 MW. The scope of works included complete disassembly of gas turbine with rotor roll-out and cascade of blades replacement. In September upgraded equipment was put into operation and guarantee tests were carried out. Under the tests power plant was in operation during 72 hours with maximal load of 450 MW. The project of power unit upgrading with provide necessary power reserve to the Region.


Under the project booster compressor station on the base of two Centaur 40 turbocompressor units. This equipment will give the opportunity to reduce wellsites’ extraction pressure at Yablunovskoye, Skorobogatkovskoye and Komyshnyanskoye fields and provide necessary inlet and outlet pressure in the section of natural gas processing. The companies also signed strategic partnership agreement which stipulates individual terms for equipment and spare parts delivery, maintenance and repair.