UEC-Gas turbines JSC will manufacture power equipment for high-pressure compressor department of Kynsko-Chaselskoe neftegas Ltd. (Rosneft). High-pressure compressor department is used for compression of natural gas from Senomansky and Turonsky deposits of Kharampurskoye oil and gas condensate field. UEC-Gas turbines JSC will produce three GPA-16 gas pumping units developed on the base of GTU-16P gas engines rated at 16 MW manufactured by UEC Perm motors (developed by UEC-Aviadvigatel).


Based on the MIC4 series, Motortech produces a special controller version as a replacement for the TEM-ZS1 and TEM-ZS3 ignition system used on MWM/Deutz gas engines. Designed as an exchange device, the MIC4-ZS enables a quick conversion without great effort. With its future oriented electronical concept, the MIC4-ZS convinces with improved engine starting performance, smooth running and improved combustion. The significantly higher and controllable ignition energy (MOST) compared to the TEM-ZS devices, the accurate spark timing and diversified online diagnostics help to improve engine efficiency, spark plug life and availability of the equipment under the strictest emission regulations.


Max Motors delivered GE Jenbacher gas engine power plants to green-house complex in Uspensky settlement, Bolkhovsky District under the contract with Ecoproduct Ltd. Three JMS 620 J09 gas engine plants each rated at 3356 kW and two JMS 316 D05 plants each rated at 850 kW were supplied for the first stage of the project.


The station consists of two power units on the base of GE Frame 6FA gas turbine plants each rated at 75 MW, two Uralsky turbine plant steam turbine with electric output of 40 MW and two EMAlliance heat recovery steam generator. The customer of the project is Generating company JSC (Tatarstan Republic). General contractor of the project is Uralenergostroy, general designer of the station is Energoprogress engineering center. T Plus Group carried out engineering support of the project. Globaltechexport completed the station with necessary auxiliary equipment, carried out all civil and commissioning works. The station is equipped with three Atlas Copco booster compressor stations. Total cost of the project is 15.6 bld of roubles.


The station consists of five AD1000-Т6300-3RBK container diesel power plants each rated at 1000 kW. The plants were developed on the base of Cummins KTA50G3 diesel engines and Leroy Somer LSA 52.2 L45 electric generators. All power equipment for the station was supplied by TD Electroagregat (Novosibirsk). The plants can operate with section load division (3 MW and 2 MW respectively). Sections synchronization and load of 5 MW sharing is also possible. The station is equipped with stand-by plant rated at 100 kW. It was developed on the base of Cummins diesel engine and is used for providing auxiliary power in case of emergency. The station operates on the base mode.


Six Ural-6000 gas turbine power plants were manufactured and supplied by UEC-Aviadvigatel JSC under the contract with Kondaneft oil company (Independent oil company). Electric output of Ural-6000 gas turbine plant is 6 MW. The plant are installed on the site of Kondinskoye field. Total electric output of the station is 36 MW. Container power plants operate in simple cycle on island mode. The main fuel for the station is associated petroleum gas. They generates electric power for the needs of field infrastructure.


The customer of the equipment is Stilnye Kukhni company. Diesel power plant is installed on the site of DOK-15 enterprise, which is production facility of the company. Diesel power plant was supplied by TSS Group of Companies. It was developed on the base of Moterus Baudouin (France) diesel engine and TSS SA electric generator. Generating set is installed in PBK-5 container. Diesel generating set TSS Baudouin (AD-500С-Т400-1RM9) is used for main and backup power supply of the enterprise. Container of the plant provides low noise level and operation capability all year round.