Т-42/50-2.9 steam turbine manufactured by Ural turbine works was commissioned on the site of the enterprise. In result total electric output of the station was increased by 25 MW. Steam turbine has one cylinder and external stop and control valves unit. The plant is equipped with automatic control system for operation in optimal mode. The plant is installed in existing turbine hall nearby operating equipment.






The compressor stations operate as a part of Urengoy-Petrovsk natural gas pipeline. On the sites obsolete GPU-10 gas pumping units were disassembled. New gas pumping units will be installed and commissioned till the end of the year.


Power equipment was supplied by Wilson Kazakhstan. Under the contract the company supplied three Р900Е1 (FG Wilson) diesel power plants and the НМ-500-Т400-К2 load banks to the sites of new compressor stations of Beyneu-Bozoy-Shymkent cross-country natural gas pipeline. Electric output of each power plant is 720 kW. They are installed in specialized vandal-proof containers. On the sites of Saksaulsk, Sornak and Aksuat compressor stations two PG1250B2 gas engine container power plants were additionally installed.


The station was constructed on the site of Kurma poultry farm in Kurminskoye village. The station was developed on the base of INNIO’s Jenbacher JMC 320 GS-B.L. gas engine power plant rated at 1063 kW with thermal output of 1081 kW. The station operates on the base mode in parallel with the main power grid. The main fuel is biogas generated from chicken manure. Main power equipment was supplied by Intma Company. General designer of the station is Zorg Biogas AG. It is the first biogas project in Kazakhstan realized on the base of INNIO’s Jenbacher power plants.


The project is realized by Technopromexport. Under the contract Aviadvigatel will produce two GTES-25PA gas turbine power plants each rated at 25 MW.


ADDo-500 diesel power plant was produced and supplied by PSM Company. It was developed on the base of Doosan diesel engine. It will provide power supply to diversion chambers of hydro power station. Power equipment was installed in Sever container. The plant will operate in severe climatic conditions of Magadanskaya Region.


TM-Mash manufactured equipment for power station in Khabarovsky Area.

The station consists of three Caterpillar G3412 gas engine power plants each rated at 400 kW with thermal output of 550 kW. Under the contract with Amur Machinery TM-Mash supplied three ТММ-ТМ.550 two-circuit waste-heat recovery units, three ТММ-RТА.550 separating heat exchangers and six expansion joints.