Four Motor Sich PAES-2500G each rated at 2.5 MW ensure electric power supply for the needs of Yaraktinskoye oil field (Ust-Kutneftegas JSC) in Irkutskaya Region. They operate on casing-head gas. Total output of the power complex is 10 MW. In future it can be increased up to 16 MW. General designer of the project is VNIPIgasdobycha JSC.

Power complex will ensure operation of gas pumping units with electric drive with output of 800000 m3 per day. Yaraktinskoye oil field is situated in 140 kilometers from Ust-Kuta (Irkutskaya Region).



The construction of steam turbine power station with total output of 24 MW was finished in Parnu. At present commissioning works are carried out on the site. Fortum Concern (Finland) invested to the project 80 million euro. The Customer of the project is Eesti Energia. The station was designed around Siemens SST-600 steam turbine.

The commissioning of the station is planned at the end of December 2010.




The customer of the project is OGK-5. The construction is carried out under turn-key contract by Iberdrola (Spain). The general constructor for the project is Engineering Center of UES. Combined cycle power plant will be constructed on the base of MS9001FA gas turbine power plant nominally rated at 256 MW manufactured and delivered by GE Energy Heavy Duty.

Gas turbine and electric generator were delivered to the site on specially equipped bay.

The delivery of power equipment was organized by STS/RLS Logistics Company, unloading and installing on the foundation – by Back and Pollitzer SPb.




Combined cycle power station will be constructed in Znamensk. Total electric output of the station will be 44 MW, thermal output will be 26.5 Gcal per hour. The station will be built by Iskra-Energetika JSC under turn-key contract. The station will consist of two GTE-16PA2 gas turbine power plants manufactured by Perm Motor Plant.

KGT-26/3.9-440 heat recovery steam generators will be delivered by Belenergomash JSC. Kaluga Turbine Plant will manufacture and supply PT-12/13-3.4/1.0-1 steam turbine for the station. The station will be put into operation in 2012.



The station consists of 4 Petra 2400 plants designed on the base of MWM TCG2020V20 gas engines and two Petra 1500 on the base of TCG2020V12 gas engines. Electric output of TCG2020V20 is 1989 kW, thermal output is 2024 kW. Electric output of TCG2020V12 is 1154 kW, thermal output is 1159 kW. Total electric output of the station is 10264 kW.

Main power equipment for the project was supplied by Elteco Global JSC (subsidiary of Elteco A.S.). The customer of the equipment is Invest Group JSC. The project was developed by Gasnadzor Ltd. The station is equipped with Petra 630 standby diesel power plant designed on the base of Perkins 2806C-E18TAG2 diesel engine rated at 505 kW.



Under the contract Solar Turbines Inc. supplied four Taurus 60 gas turbine power plants each rated at 5.2 MW with efficiency of 30.4 %. They will operate in cogeneration cycle with thermal output of 9.6 MW. Three more Taurus 70 gas turbine plants will be used for the drive of compressors delivered by Dresser Rand. The output of Taurus 70 is 7.69 MW, efficiency is 34.8 %. Compressor units will be used for natural gas transportation to Makhachkala-Astrakhan cross-country pipeline.



The equipment for two power stations will be supplied in the middle of 2011. The first station will consist of two SGT-300 power plants each rated at 7.9 MW. The second station was designed around one SGT-300 power unit. After commissioning power stations will generate electric and thermal power for the needs of the enterprise. The stations will operate in cogeneration cycle.