The first booster compressor station supplied by ENERPROJECT was installed on the site of Luch gas turbine station in Belgorod in October 2005. Two booster compressor stations were installed under the contract. They provided fuel gas processing for LM2500+DLE НSPT gas turbine power plants produced by GE. At present there are more 234 booster compressor plants are in operation in Russia.


Iskra NPO is executing the contract with Novatek PJSC for development, manufacturing and supply of container gas pumping unit for Sterkhovoe gas field of Olympic licensed site in Yamalo-Nenetsky Autonomous Area. GPA-6DKS-02 Ural with output of 6 MW was developed on the base of GTU-6P gas turbine engine manufactured by UEC-Perm motors JSC. Centrifugal compressor for the unit was manufactured by REP Holding. The equipment was supplied to the customer, construction and assemblage works were carried out. At present GPA-6DKS-02 Ural gas pumping unit is under commissioning. Sterkhovoe gas field is connected with natural gas transportation system by 14 kilometers pipeline. It will be used also for transportation of natural gas extracted from Dobrovolskoye field.


Starting of К-65-12.8 steam turbine was carried out on the site of Primorskaya thermal power station situated in Kaliningradskaya Region. К-65-12.8 steam turbine was manufactured by Uralsky turbine plant. It gives the opportunity to initiate adjustment of equipment under load and its performance testing. After finishing of these stages steam turbine plant will be commissioned. The equipment was synchronized with power system of Kaliningradskaya Region.


Two packages of thermal units were manufactured under the order of Polimetall JSC. Waste-heat recovery systems will provide thermal power for the needs of Omolonsky manufacturing complex consisted of Kybakinskaya gold ore factory and four gold ore fields.


Supervised installation and commissioning of six compressors manufactured by REP Holding on the site of booster compressor station of Bovanenkovskoye field were finished under the project of development of Senoman-Aptskikh deposit infrastructure. Earlier in 2019 five compressor units were commissioned on the site.

At present eleven 285TsBK-16/121-S compressor units are in operation at Bovanenkovskoye oil and gas condensate field. Compressor units were manufactured at Nevsky plants under the contract with UEC-Gas turbines.


Compressor units were put into pilot operation under the project of development of Arcticgas oil and gas condensate field infrastructure. 34GTs2-138/7-117 GTU compressor units are used for the compression of associated petroleum gas from the field.


New wind turbine will be constructed in Ust-Kamchatsk. The project is realized by South electric grids of Kamchatka JSC. Electric output of KWT300 wind turbine supplied by Komaihalteс Inc. (Japan) is 300 kW. Delivery of the equiment is carried out this year, commissioning is planned in 2021.