The consortium consisting of Mitsubishi Corporation and Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems Ltd. (MHPS) commissioned first power unit of Turakurganskaya TETs thermal power station constructed in Namanganskaya Region. In 2016 Uzbekenergo signed turn-key contract for the construction of two combined cycle power units each rated at 450 MW on the site of Turakurganskaya TETs. A part of construction works is carried out by Calik Enerji Sanayi ve Ticaret AS (Turkey). In future it is planned to build two more similar units. Second power unit of the station is planned for commissioning at the end of this year. After realization of the project Turakurganskaya TETs will generate 7 bln kWh of electric power.


NG-Energo will manufacture four Energo-D1000/6.3KN30 modular diesel power plants. They will generate electric power for the needs of Jeruy mine in Sasyk-Bulak village in Talasskaya Region. Score of supply includes special container tanks for diesel fuel with volume of 30 m3 and spare tools and accessories kit. According to the terms of the contract the specialists of the company will carry out installation and commissioning works on the site of the customer.


Karabatan combined cycle power station with total electric output of 310 MW provides electric power and high-pressure technological steam to facilities of polyethylene and polypropylene production. The facilities are situated on the territory of economic zone named National industrial petrochemical technological park. The station can be used as the source of maneuvering capacity for provision of the part of daily pattern of electricity loads.

Under the contract Siemens manufactured and supplied four SGT-800 gas turbine plants each rated at 50 MW. The station is equipped with four heat recovery steam generator and two Doosan MTD40 steam turbines each rated at 56 MW.


Earlier four Titan 130 turbocompressor units were commissioned on the site of compressor station. They were manufactured and supplied to the site by Solar Turbines Incorporated. Under the contract with Ukrgasdobycha Solar Turbines Incorporated supplied one more Titan 130 turbocompressor unit rated at 15 MW.


Wind park consists of 60 L100-2.5MW wind turbines. The project was realized by VetroOGK in cooperation with Lagerwey (the Netherlands). The construction of the park was started in 2018. VetroOGK at present is accomplishing the localization of L100-2.5MW wind turbines production in Russia. In future it is planned to localize the production of L136-4.0MW wind turbine rated at 4 MW.


The project of power station construction was realized by Stark Group of Companies under the contract signed with Nadezhdinsky metallurgical plant PJSC. Total electric output of the station is of 24.9 MW. The station consists of four MWM TCG 2032B V16 gas engine power plants each rated at 4.5 MW. The main fuel for the station is the mixture of natural and blast furnace gases.


Seven GPA-16 gas pumping units for booster compressor station on the site of Zapolyarnoye field were manufactured by UEC-Gas turbines (Rybinsk). The specialists of the enterprise carried out all construction and commissioning works. Gas pumping units were developed on the base of PS-90GP-2 gas turbines developed by Aviadvigatel and manufactured by UEC-Perm motors. The units are equipped with 425/76 compressors with magnetic bearings produced by REP Holding (Saint-Petersburg). The customer of the equipment is Gasprom dobycha Yamburg.