The specialists of the company carried out controlled assembly of steam path of high pressure cylinder of steam turbine. The project of steam turbine upgrading is being realized under the program of thermal power stations modernization.

Т-100/120−130−2 steam turbine was in operation on the site of Omskaya TPP-4 thermal power station since 1971.


Under the contract NG-Energo manufactured and supplied to the customer three Energo-D1000/ 0.4KN30 plants each rated at 1000 kW and three Energo-D1600/0,4KN30 plants each rated at 1600 kW with voltage of 0.4 kV. They will work on the sites of Nimnyrskaya, Olekminskaya, Skovorodinskaya CS.


Iskra-Neftegas LLC manufactured and delivered two gas pumping units developed on the base of Titan 130 CS (Solar Turbines Inc.) gas turbine compressor plants.


Under the contract UEC-Gas turbines (Rybinsk) will manufacture and supply six GTN-16R-PS-12 gas pumping units each rated at 16 MW for the operation on the site of booster compressor station. Gas pumping units were designed around PS-90GP2 gas turbine engines developed by UEC-Aviadvigatel.


Power station on the site of Vuktylskoye field (Komi Republic) consists of six GTG-1500−2G each rated at 1500 kW manufactured by Proletarsky zavod PJSC. The station was commissioned in 2017. At present inspection of the equipment and replacement of necessary components were completed. After the commissioning 72-hours testing will be held.


Under the contract the specialists of the plant developed T63-13/025 heat-extracting steam turbine according to the customer's requirements. Electric output of steam turbine is 63 MW, initial steam pressure is 13 MPa.


Under the contract with Zhajykteploenergo Kaluzhsky turbine plant will manufacture PT-12 steam turbine rated at 12 MW, electric generator and control system.