Diesel power plants were supplied to the site of Omchak gold ore company. The scope of delivery included two diesel power plants each rated at 1.8 MW with voltage of 6.3 kV.


Nordex Group received an order from German wind power developer Energiequelle to supply and install seven N149/4.0-4.5 turbines in Finland. The project also includes a Premium Service Agreement covering 25 years.


Cogeneration power station was put into operation on landfill site In Moscow Region.

Cogeneration power station was constructed by Prodex Energy on Torbeevo landfill site. The station was developed on the base of Prodex -EPМ(UТ)-1000/6,3-02R3-U1 gas engine power plant with electric output of 1000 kW. The plant consists of FG Wilson PG1250B2 power plant with Perkins 4016-61 TLS2 gas engine. The main fuel for the station is landfill gas from the site. The station is equipped with waste-heat recovery system. Thermal output of the station is 900 kW.


Biogas station with electric output of 20 MW on the site of Novomirgorodsky sugar factory (I&U Group) is being constructed in four stages. At present power station with electric output of 6 MW has been constructed. For the first stage KTS Engineering supplied four JMC 420 (INNIO Jenbacher) gas engine power plants. The station is equipped with myPlant Asset Performance Management software which gives the opportunity to provide remote monitoring and diagnostics of the equipment operation.


Gas pumping units will be installed on the sites of Zevardy, Dengizkul and Alan booster compressor stations. Two GPA-8 Irtysh gas pumping units will be supplied to Alan and Zevardy booster compressor stations.



Gas turbine power station on the site of Tomskaya TETs-1 has electric output of 14.7 MW and thermal output of 19.5 Gcal per hour. The main power equipment of the station is Turbomach TBM-1130 gas turbine plant developed on the base of Titan 130 (Solar Turbines Inc.) and waste-heat recovery boiler manufactured by ZiO (Podolsk). The main fuel for the station is natural gas. Gas fuel treatment us realized by booster compressor station of Energas. Booster compressor station consists of two screw-type compressors. Upgrading of booster compressor station was carried out by the specialists of ServiceEnergas, Ltd. (Energas Group of Companies). 


The plants were packaged by Synergy Astana. The station with total electric output of 1000 kW consists of five C200S microturbines manufactured by Capstone Turbine Corporation. The specialists of the company are responsible also for construction and commissioning works. The customer of the project is Aman Munay LLC. Gas turbines are installed in all-weather containers. It gives the opportunity to carry out operation of gas turbine plants in the conditions of high dust content and adverse climatic conditions and provide maintenance of the equipment in comfortable conditions.