NG-Energo signed the contract and started the production of diesel power station developed on the base of two Energo D1600/6.3 KN31 diesel power plants each rated at 1600 kW. The station will generate electric power for the needs of Kubaka mining and processing works situated in Severo-Evenkskom District in 100 kilometers from Magadan.


Under the development program four new green-houses with total area of 0.8 hectares were constructed on the territory of the complex. Electric and thermal power supply of green-houses complex is provided by modular MWM TCG2020V20 gas engine power plant rated at 2000 kW. The power plant is equipped with the system of exhaust gases waste heat utilization for thermal power supply of green-houses. Thermal output of waste heat utilization system is 970 kW. The system was developed on the base of TMM-TMVG.970 thermal unit equipped with TMM-KG.2000 silencer. The system was installed on the roof of power plant module. Sajury green-house complex is the most advanced agricultural enterprise created in North region with severe climatic conditions.


The plant was developed on the base of Cummins C700D5. Power equipment is installed in Sever BKS-1 container. The project was realized by the specialists of GrandMotors, Ltd. under turn-key contract. Before the delivery to the customer the equipment was tested on the test bench of the company under the load of 25…100 %. Uflex Ltd. produces film packaging materials, printing paints and coverings, bags, sacks and PET films.


The company launched new 4M06 diesel engine, developed specifically for telecom applications. This four-cylinder engine delivers 14-28 kW ESP at 50 Hz, along with low fuel consumption and easy maintenance. The V8 8M21 diesel engine is also being launched, offering 360-528 kW 50 Hz, followed by a 50/60 Hz model.


The contract for the equipment delivery was signed with CCS JV. Under the contract Siemens Energy will supply six SGT-800 gas turbine power plants each rated at 54 MW and efficiency of 39 % and four compressor plants for the compression of boil-off gas. Gas turbines are equipped with dry low- emission chambers. The delivery of the equipment is planned for the beginning of 2021.


The first booster compressor station supplied by ENERPROJECT was installed on the site of Luch gas turbine station in Belgorod in October 2005. Two booster compressor stations were installed under the contract. They provided fuel gas processing for LM2500+DLE НSPT gas turbine power plants produced by GE. At present there are more 234 booster compressor plants are in operation in Russia.


Iskra NPO is executing the contract with Novatek PJSC for development, manufacturing and supply of container gas pumping unit for Sterkhovoe gas field of Olympic licensed site in Yamalo-Nenetsky Autonomous Area. GPA-6DKS-02 Ural with output of 6 MW was developed on the base of GTU-6P gas turbine engine manufactured by UEC-Perm motors JSC. Centrifugal compressor for the unit was manufactured by REP Holding. The equipment was supplied to the customer, construction and assemblage works were carried out. At present GPA-6DKS-02 Ural gas pumping unit is under commissioning. Sterkhovoe gas field is connected with natural gas transportation system by 14 kilometers pipeline. It will be used also for transportation of natural gas extracted from Dobrovolskoye field.