Isotta Fraschini presents new 12-cylinder diesel engineto the market.

Isotta Fraschini is completing test runs for the 12-cylinder version of its V170G diesel engine. This unit completes the brand new series of industrial engines.

The series is composed of four-stroke diesel engines, 12- and 16-cylinder, with direct fuel injection and supercharged with exhaust gas turbochargers with supercharging air cooling system.


A consortium comprised of the Finnish energy utility Helen Oy and Alandsbanken Wind Power Fund has commissioned the Nordex Group to supply and install 25 N163/5.X turbines for the 147.5-MW Karahka wind farm. The order also includes the Premium Service for the turbines covering a period of 35 years.


 The purpose of the construction of two power plants with a total capacity of 900 MW is to develop generating capacities, strengthen the reliability and safety of the country's energy system, and reduce specific energy costs. The planned completion date of the project is 2024.

The project is being implemented by Mitsubishi Power in cooperation with Hyundai Engineering & Construction.


Techexpo has manufactured 4 diesel generator sets with a capacity of 1200 kW and a voltage of 6.3 kV. The total power of the station is 4800 kW. Each power plant is installed in insulated all-metal container and is equipped with a switchgear for 6,3 kV manufactured by Electroshchit-Samara Group of Companies.

The diesel power station consists of three generator sets TE.1200C-T400-2RN based on the Mitsubishi S12R-RTA2 engine and one TE.1200C-T6300-2RN based on the Cummins KTAS0G8-l engine and the Stamford generator.


NG-Energo's production complex has manufactured and installed power station with an installed capacity of 3.4 MW, which will meet the needs of the oil field infrastructure in the Polar Region of the Nenets Autonomous Area.


2G-Station company delivered to Stepanakert simple cycle avus 500 plus container gas engine power plant with an electric capacity of 523 kW and efficiency of 42.6 %.

The power plant was created on the base of agenitor 412 engine by 2G Energy. The main fuel for the station is natural gas. The station will provide electric power to fuel filling station in Stepanakert (height 850 m above sea level). The level of greenhouse gas emissions of the avus 500 plus GPU is 2327 tons/year.


According to the agreement between TD Electroagregat and Talos Engineering, three ETRO power units were manufactured and delivered to the facility. Two diesel plant with a capacity of 1640 kW each are based on Mitsubishi S16R-PTAA2-C engines and a Stamford Technology single-support brushless generator with a ComAp AMF25 control system.