Complete gas pumping unit passed full-scale testing and was accept into service on the site of Yuzhno-Balyksky gas processing plant (Sibur-TyumenGas JSC). Unit capacity is 170 000 m3/h, output pressure is 8.0 MPa. It was developed on the base of 4GTs2-242/12-80 compressor unit and gas turbine drive rated at 18 MW manufactured by KMPO. It will be used for compression of dry stripped gas supplied from UPG-1 and UPG-2 gas treatment plants. After compression the gas is supplied to low-temperature condensation plant and then to cross-country pipeline.


Energas complex gas conditioning system in ElabugaNew gas turbine power station is under construction on the site of Central boiler-house in Elabuga (Tatarstan). The station will consist of four Taurus 60 GS (Solar Turbines Inc.) gas turbine plants each rated at 5.6 MW and four waste-heat boilers. Total electric output of the station will be of 22…23 MW. General designer of the station is Tatbelenergoproject Ltd. The owner and operator of the station is TatEnergoRemont PRP. The station is equipped with Energas complex fuel gas conditioning system which includes modular gas treatment unit and booster compressor station.


Diesel power plants to potato factoryUnder the contract signed with Belaya Dacha JSC GrandMotors supplied two KOHLER-SDMO: T1400 and D550 diesel power plants to potato factory in Lipetsk. KOHLER-SDMO: T1400 plant was developed on the base of Mitsubishi diesel engine, D550 plant – on the base of Doosan engine. Total electric output of the station is 1540 kW. Both plants are installed in Sever containers produced by GrandMotors. The station is equipped with monitoring system on the base of ModBus RTU protocol. The main customer of potato factory production is McDonald’s Company.


The project is being realized by TekhInvest Service. MIG Series gas turbine plants were developed on the base of GTD-1250 gas turbine designed and manufactured by Klimov JSC. The gas turbine is used as T-80 tank power package. On the base of this gas turbine simple and cogeneration power plants (800 and 1000 kW) were developed. These plants can operate on the base of various types of fuel such as natural gas, associated petroleum gas, coal-bed methane, biogas and others. The pilot power plant is installed on the site of boiler-house of the enterprise for carring out of testing and engine development.


Gas pumping unit for compressor station on the site of Pyreynoye fieldGas pumping unit consists of compressor plant in separate casing with opposed piston compressor and drive with all necessary auxiliary equipment. PKU016 complete compressor plant will operate as GPA-3 gas pumping unit. The customer of the equipment is Sibneftegas PJSC. The unit is intended for natural gas compression. The unit is equipped with Caterpillar G3612 engine rated at 2.64 MW, rotation speed is 750…1000 rpm. KBZ/4 compressor was manufactured by Ariel. Pressure discharge is 11.19 MPa, volumetric capacity is 260.42 thousand m3 per hour. The equipment will be installed in easy-to-assemble building.


Two GPA-16 gas pumping units were manufactured and supplied by Iskra-Neftegas сompressor company for booster compressor station of Beregovoye oil & gas field (Sibneftegas). The first stage of the station is used for gas pressure boosting upstream of Beregovoye-Zapolyarnoye cross-country natural gas pipeline. GPA-16 hangar gas pumping units were developed on the base of NK-16-18STD gas turbine engines rated at 16 MW.


Plant for associated petroleum gas compressionTwo plants will be used for transportation of associated petroleum gas of first stage of separation delivered from booster compressor stations of Yuzhno-Vatlorskoye, Vatlorskoye, Suryeganskoye, Verkhnekazymskoye fields and the field named after I.N. Logachev. Compressor plants were developed on the base of oil-flooded screw-type compressors. They will provide final treatment, compression and delivery of associated petroleum gas to the pipeline on a continuous basis under the pressure of 2.2 MPa. The output of each compressor plant is 10000 m3 per hour. All installation and commissioning works for the equipment were carried out by the specialists of Energas Group of Companies.