Power plants were manufactured by KrialEnergostroy. Thermal output of the units will be used in common manifold of heat supply system. TM Mash, Ltd. manufactured and shipped five ТММ-ТМ.650 thermal units for containerized power plants developed on the base of MAN E3262 LE 202 gas engines. Maximum thermal output of each unit is 650 kW.


Power station was developed on the base of MWM TCG 2016V12 power plant rated at 600 kW and Ascentec thermal oil boiler each rated at 700 kW. Earlier Interenergo NPP commissioned trigeneration power station on the site. It consists of three MWM TCG 2016V12 gas engine power plant.


The project of power station construction is realized by Stark Group of Companies under the contract signed with Nadezhdinsky metallurgical plant PJSC. Total electric output of the station is of 24.9 MW. The station consists of four MWM TCG 2032B V16 gas engine power plants each rated at 4.5 MW. Exhaust gases from the plants are recovered by waste-heat boilers which generate technological steam with the temperature of 192 °C and pressure of 1.2 MPa. The station is also equipped with three boilers for utilization of blast furnace gases and condensing steam turbine rated at 6.9 MW with condensing steam extraction.


Balaklavskaya CCPP was commissioned in Fedyuhiny high points near Sevastopol, Tavricheskaya CCPP was constructed in Stroganovka village near Simferopol. Each power station consists of two power units each rated at 235 MW. The project was realized under Federal program of social and economic development of Crimea Republic. General designer of the stations is TEPengineering, general constructor is Technopromexport.


World’s first drilling rig to operate a low-emission hybrid power plant using Siemens’ lithium-ion energy storage solution. Integration of BlueVault will reduce fuel consumption by 12 percent and CO2 emissions by 15 percent BlueVault.

Siemens advanced lithium-ion battery-based solution, will be installed on Northern Drilling Ltd.’s West Mira offshore drilling rig that will operate in the North Sea’s Nova Field, approximately 120 km northwest of Bergen. West Mira is a sixth-generation, ultra-deepwater semi-submersible designed by Moss Maritime and will be the world’s first modern drilling rig to operate a low-emission hybrid (diesel-electric) power plant using lithium-ion energy storage.


The works were carried out by the specialists of Gaspromneft. The plant is used for associated petroleum gas treatment and injection it into formation. At full load the plant utilizes 95 % of associated petroleum gas from the field. Complex gas treatment plant consists of four GPA-32 Ladoga gas pumping units each rated at 32 MW manufactured by REP Holding JSC. In total 8 similar gas pumping units were supplied to the field.


The project of combined cycle power station construction was realized by Calik Enerji. The station was constructed on the site of Maryjskaya GRES. Power station was developed on the base of four GE 9 FA gas turbine plants each rated at 263 MW, two heat-recovery steam generators with thermal output of 360 tons per hour and two steam turbine plants each rated at 260 MW. All generated electric power will be delivered to national power grid. The project is realized under the program of power engineering development for the period of 2013-2020.