The station was designed around General Electric MS9001FB DLE gas turbine plant rated at 290 MW. Total electric output of the station is 370 MW. The project is realized by international consortium including Slovakian companies – Synecta a.s., Istroenergo Group and Lavalin Polska (Poland).


The Memorandum’s aim is to establish good relations in form of mutually beneficial cooperation for the production of compressor equipment. The purpose is to localize production of isothermal components in Russia.

The cooperation implies launching co-production of stator components and auxiliary systems for the isothermal compressors at the production facilities of REP Holding followed by their delivery to customers in Russia.


The reliability of stand-by power supply of consumers in Crimea peninsula during peak demands periods and in emergency situations was increased. Start of power station in the absence of voltage in power grid is possible only in case of power supply from stand-by power source with succeeding transition to the baseload power source. Earlier it was necessary to stop the plant. In result time and service life expenditures increased. To increase the reliability and efficiency of generating equipment specialists of Mobile GTES developed technical solutions with using of units of automatic synchronization for auxiliary power plants. During the tests conducted by Chernomorskoye RDU operational capability of new equipment was checked. At present 18 mobile gas turbine power plants are in operation in the region. Their total output is 405 MW. They provide third part of power demands of the region.


Initial water separation plant on the site of booster pumping station is equipped with the system of associated petroleum gas utilization. The system was developed on the base of Energas vacuum compressor station. The station provides compression of low pressure associated petroleum gas and delivery of the gas after mixing it with the gas of the first stage of separation to main compressor station. Nominal output of the station is 1500 m3 per hour. Gas consumption is controlled by two-level control system. All equipment is installed in separate weatherproof container. It operates in automated mode.


New gas turbine power station is under construction on the site of Central boiler-house in Elabuga (Tatarstan). Commissioning of the station is planned in II quarter of 2018. The station consists of four Taurus 60 GS (Solar Turbines Inc.) gas turbine plants each rated at 5.6 MW and four waste-heat boilers. Total electric output of the station is 23 MW. General designer of the station is Tatbelenergoproject Ltd.



Power station consists of two SGT5-4000F gas turbine power plants each rated at 292 MW, two three-pressure heat recovery steam generators supplied by EMAlliance JSC, SST5-5000 steam turbine rated at 290 MW with SGen5-1000А electric generators. ORU-220 and ORU-500 distribution substations were upgraded. Control system of the station was created as integrated system for the control of electrical and mechanical equipment. The system was created on the base of MEK-61850 protocol.


Under the project all eight EGES-12S gas turbine power units were commissioned on the site Yaraktinskoye oil and gas condensate field. Power plants were manufactured and supplied by UEC-Aviadvigatel JSC. Power equipment was installed on two production sites. Total electric output of the first station is 24 MW. It generates electric power for the needs of fuel gas treatment unit. Second gas turbine power station has electric power output of 72 MW. It generates electric power for the needs of oil treatment unit. Two last power plants were commissioned on the site at the end of 2017. General contractor for the project is Energoservice engineering center.