Three GPA-16 Volga completed gas pumping units developed on the base of NK-16-18ST gas turbines are in operation on the site of booster compressor station situated at the territory of the station of complex gas treatment plant of the field in Ustyurtsky District. The units are equipped of two-pressure compressors KVD 203GTs2-175/25—78М12345 in the period of 2016-2023; KND 203GTs-73/29-78М123456 and 203GTs2-210/10-30М12345 in the period from 2023.

The project of booster compressor station construction was realized at the expense of Uzbekneftegas, Fund of reconstruction and development of Uzbekistan and other Uzbek banks. The field will be up and running at full capacity till 2021.


Two diesel power plants each rated at 1000 kW were supplied to the site by Katharsis company for oil treatment plant of Arktikgas JSC. M.1260 diesel power plants were developed on the base of Mitsubishi diesel engines and PI734B electric generators produced by Stamford. The plants are equipped with multiparameters control panel. The panel has wide functionality and ensures high level of automation and integration of diesel plants into the existing power layout of the site.


Thermal module is installed at power plant developed on the base of MTU 12V 4000 G23RIF diesel engine rated at 1120 kW with frequency of 50 Hz. Thermal module includes ТММ-ТМVG.650 exhaust gases waste-heat recovery unit and ТММ-ТМVV.500 waste-heat recovery from engine cooling jacket. Total thermal output of the module at full engine load is 1150 kW. Electric and thermal power will be used for the needs of Leningradsky settlement, Shmidtovsky District in Chukotka.


Comprehensive testing of the system of associated petroleum gas utilization was successfully finished on the site of initial water separation plant (DNS-2 booster pumping station). Under the project vacuum compressor station was also tested. It is used for the compression of low-pressure (0.001 MPa) associated petroleum gas and its supply together with the gas from the first separation stage to the existing main compressor station. Vacuum compressor station was developed on the base of oil-flooded screw compressor.


Yamal LNG plant is joint venture of independent gas producer Novatek JSC, French company Total SA and Chinese fund The Silk Road. The project is realized near Sabetta sea port. LNG plant with output of 16.5 mln tons per year is under construction on the site of Yuzhno-Tambeyskoye gas condensate field. Technological equipment for three production lines on the plant was supplied by GE Oil & Gas. Each production line includes two main refrigeration units for gas liquification. Refrigeration unit consists of Frame 7EA gas turbine rates at 86 MW, three centrifugal compressors (two compressors with combined cooling agent and one propane compressor), variable-frequency starting system and energy recovery system with output of 24 MW, waste-heat recovery unit, necessary auxiliary equipment. In total GE Oil & Gas supplied six Frame 7EA gas turbine plants, eighteen centrifugal compressors, six variable-frequency electrical drives and six waste-heat boilers.


UEC-Gas turbines JSC will manufacture power equipment for high-pressure compressor department of Kynsko-Chaselskoe neftegas Ltd. (Rosneft). High-pressure compressor department is used for compression of natural gas from Senomansky and Turonsky deposits of Kharampurskoye oil and gas condensate field. UEC-Gas turbines JSC will produce three GPA-16 gas pumping units developed on the base of GTU-16P gas engines rated at 16 MW manufactured by UEC Perm motors (developed by UEC-Aviadvigatel).


Based on the MIC4 series, Motortech produces a special controller version as a replacement for the TEM-ZS1 and TEM-ZS3 ignition system used on MWM/Deutz gas engines. Designed as an exchange device, the MIC4-ZS enables a quick conversion without great effort. With its future oriented electronical concept, the MIC4-ZS convinces with improved engine starting performance, smooth running and improved combustion. The significantly higher and controllable ignition energy (MOST) compared to the TEM-ZS devices, the accurate spark timing and diversified online diagnostics help to improve engine efficiency, spark plug life and availability of the equipment under the strictest emission regulations.