Seven GPA-16 gas pumping units for booster compressor station on the site of Zapolyarnoye field were manufactured by UEC-Gas turbines (Rybinsk). The specialists of the enterprise carried out all construction and commissioning works. Gas pumping units were developed on the base of PS-90GP-2 gas turbines developed by Aviadvigatel and manufactured by UEC-Perm motors. The units are equipped with 425/76 compressors with magnetic bearings produced by REP Holding (Saint-Petersburg). The customer of the equipment is Gasprom dobycha Yamburg.


Diesel power plant provides backup power supply of the equipment and machinery of Yuzhny opencast coal mine. Under the contract signed with Resurs, Ltd. TD Electroagregat supplied AD 800-Т400-3RBK diesel power plant rated at 800 kW. The plant was manufactured at Electroagregat production facilities in Novosibirsk. It was developed on the base of 12-cylinders Cummins KTA38-G5 diesel engine and single-support synchronous generator with excitation system on the base of permanent magnet.


New silencers give the opportunity to effectively reduce noise level of gas engine power stations. New equipment is in full conformity with all branch standards, provides exceptional durability and reliability and has small weight. MKS Group of companies plans to start serial production of the silencers according to standard and individual requirements of the customers.


The plant was produced by Zvezda-Energocomplex under the contract with Gasprom transgas Ukhta, Ltd. Zvezda-1000NК-02МЗ diesel power plant rated at 1000 kW with voltage of  400 V was developed on the base of Cummins C1400D5 diesel engine. Novourdomskaya compressor station is a part of Ukhta-Torzhok cross-country natural gas pipeline.


Kazankompressormash JSC two manufactured gas pumping units for booster compressor station on the field developed by Norilsktransgas JSC. Gas pumping units were developed on the base of NK-16ST gas turbines each rated at 16 MW and 5GTs2-310/6-42 centrifugal compressor with dry gas seals.


Under the contract with Yargeo, Ltd. Electroagregat Trade house supplied ETRO AD1000-Т400-3RBK stand-by diesel power plant manufactured by Electroagregat JSC (Novosibirsk). Power plant rated at 1000 kW was manufactured in accordance with agreed engineering documentation on the base of Mitsubishi S12R-PTA-C diesel engine and Stamford LVI 634G electric generator. Control panel was developed on the base of ComAp AMF20 controller. All civil and commissioning works will be carried out by the specialists of Electroagregat Trade house. Diesel power plant will operate in the district with severe climatic conditions.


Three REP Holding GPA-32 Ladoga gas pumping units are installed on the site of Atamanskaya compressor station. The output of each unit is 32 MW. They were manufactured under the contract with Gazprom PJSC.