The company submitted the application for including the station into All-Russian program for updating of thermal power stations for 2025 according the quota of government commission of the project of Zainskaya GRES updating. The project calls for the construction of two combined cycle power units.

Under the program Tatenergo JSC plans to replace 11 dated steam turbine power units with total output of 2.2 GW with two combined cycle power units with total electric output of 1.682 GW. Supposedly they will be developed on the base of Siemens gas turbine power plants each rated at 593 MW and one steam turbine.


FG Wilson P900E1 container power plant was developed on the base of 4006-Perkins 23TAG3A diesel engine rated at 720 kW. The station is equipped with power-transfer relay provided automatic operation of the plant in emergency and stand-by mode. Equipment is installed in Sever BKS-2S container. Before delivery to the customer the plant was fully tested of the test bench of Grand Motors Group of Companies.


Back-up power sypply was provided for sewage pumping station and waste water treatment facility of Tulun settlement. For this purpose two diesel power plants with total electric output of 1 MW were relocated from Krasnoyarsk Area. The equipment was transported by Main power networks of Siberia company. Commissioning and operation of the equipment in Tulun settlement were provided by the specialists of Mobile GTES on turn-key basis.



UEC-Gas turbines supplied four GPA-6.3 gas pumping units each rated at 6.3 MW. They were developed on the base of GTD-6.3RM gas turbines and К188-22-1LSU centrifugal compressors.


The project of reconstruction was started in 2017 and was finished in 2019. The company invested about 4 billion rubles to the project. Under the project gas engine power station was constructed on the site. The station was developed on the base of three Wärtsilä 18V50SG gas engine power plants. Total electric output of the station is 55 MW. The main fuel for the station is natural gas. All generated electric and thermal power is used for technological needs of the enterprise.


Under the project of expansion of condensing power station of Kemerovsky coke-chemical integrated plant new steam turbine power unit rated at 12 MW was commissioned. In result total electric output of the station was increased from 12 to 24 MW and provided all demands of the enterprise in electric power. The power unit was developed on the base of K-12-1.2 steam turbine supplied by Kaluga turbine plant and ТGP-10.5-12000-2UKhL electric generator with brushless excitation system manufactured by ELSIB. ТGP-10.5-12000-2UKhL electric generator has high operational parameters.


Diesel power plants in power range of 30…400 kW were installed innoise-proof casings. They will be used for backing-up of power supply during various major events such as International Arctic Forum and International Energy Forum. The plants are equipped with control systems with the function of parallel operation wcich gives the opportunity to operate separately or in parallel with each other.